Thursday, August 4, 2011

Printable Coupons-Grocery, Beauty, Retail, Home Care and more. Week of Aug 1-6, 2011

Printable Coupons-Grocery, Beauty, Retail, Home Care and more.
Just click on the ones you want to print.

Week of Aug 1-6, 2011

Food & Beverage:

$1.50 OFF ONE (1) 11 oz package of Starbucks Natural Fusions 

$1.00 OFF any Pillsbury Sweet Moments Refrigerated Desserts 
$1.00 OFF ONE any variety Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers Meal Starter 
$1.00 OFF any TWO BOXES General Mills cereals listed: Basic 4, Cheerios (any), Chex 
$1.00 OFF ONE PACKAGE any flavor Romano's Macaroni Grill Frozen Entrée 
$1.00 OFF FOUR any flavor/variety Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizza Products 
$1.00 OFF ONE any Frozen Pillsbury Egg Scrambles OR Biscuit Sandwiches 
$1.00 OFF any ONE (1) package of ATHENOS Feta Cheese 
$1.00 OFF TWO (2) Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breast products 
$0.80 OFF any FOUR any flavor Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper OR Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillets 
$0.75 OFF any ONE any flavor Yoplait Frozen Smoothie 
$0.75 OFF any ONE package of Yoplait Light Parfait yogurt

  $0.75 OFF TWO any flavor Yoplait Go-GURT Yogurt, Yoplait Kid...
  $0.75 OFF any ONE BOX Chex cereal 
 $0.75 OFF ONE BOX Cocoa Puffs cereal 
$0.75 OFF any ONE (1) package of PHILADELPHIA Cooking Creme  

 $0.75 OFF TWO any Nature Valley Granola Bars (6 count or larger)  
 $0.75 OFF any ONE (1) Breyers Blasts! (48 oz.)  
 $0.75 OFF any ONE (1) Kashi Frozen Entrée or Pizza Product  
$0.55 OFF on any Bagel-fuls (4ct) 
$0.50 OFF ONE 28 OZ. OR LARGER Bisquick Baking Mix OR Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix 

 $0.50 OFF ONE BOX any flavor/variety Nature Valley Granola Thins 
 $0.50 OFF TWO CUPS any flavor Yoplait Greek yogurt  
 $0.50 OFF TWO any flavor/variety Pillsbury Toaster Strudel OR Toaster Scrambles Pastries ... 
$0.50 OFF ONE BOX any flavor Lucky Charms Treats, Golden Grahams Treats, Chex Mix Treats 

 $0.50 OFF ONE BOX Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal 
 $0.50 OFF ONE BOX any flavor Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies  
 $0.50 OFF TWO BOXES any flavor/variety Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll-ups 
$0.50 OFF ONE PACKAGE any variety Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough  

 $0.50 OFF any TWO Pillsbury Sweet Rolls OR Grands! Sweet Rolls 
 $0.50 OFF any TWO Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls  $0.40 OFF any TWO Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust, Breadsticks, Loaves or Dinner Rolls  
 $0.40 OFF TWO PACKAGES any flavor/variety Totino's Rolls Snacks  
 $0.40 OFF any SIX CUPS any variety Yoplait Yogurt  
 $0.30 OFF TWO CANS any size/variety Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! or Grands! Jr. Biscuit... 

Personal Care:
$5.00 off Any ROGAINE product 

 $2.00 OFF any AVEENO POSITIVELY AGELESS product (Excludes trial sizes)
 $2.00 OFF any AVEENO SMART ESSENTIALS product (Excludes trial sizes) 
 $2.00 OFF any 4oz. eb5 Facial Cream THE WRINKLE RELIEF FORMULA  
 $2.00 OFF ANY ONE (1) bottle of Jergens Overnight Repair Lotion (16.8 oz. or larger)  $1.00 OFF any Revlon Beauty Tools 
 $1.00 OFF any Mitchum or Mitchum for Women Product 
 $1.00 OFF any ONE (1) package of POISE Liners  
 $1.00 OFF any ONE (1) package of POISE Pads  
 $1.00 OFF any one (1) Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Product 
 $1.00 OFF 1 NIVEA Express Hydration Lotion or Gel  
$1.00 OFF any one (1) NIVEA Good-bye Cellulite Product (2.5oz.-6.7oz.) $1.00 OFF any L'Oreal Studio Line Styling Product 
 $1.00 OFF 1 Box of 14 count Instead Softcups  
 $0.75 OFF any Clear eyes Product  
 $0.75 OFF Effergrip Denture Adhesive product 
 $0.75 OFF 1 Efferdent PM Denture Cleanser 

Pet Care:

$1.00 OFF any Hartz Home Protection Training Pads 32ct or larger 

Health Care:
$2.00 OFF Any Benefiber Product
$2.00 OFF any ONE (1) Florastor probiotic
$1.00 OFF any Flintstones Multivitamin Product
$1.00 OFF any one (1) Phillips' Laxative Product
$1.00 OFF any Bayer Advanced Aspirin product
$1.00 OFF any Urinozinc Prostate Formula 
$1.00 OFF any Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away 
$1.00 OFF any any Dr. Scholl's Clear Away Products 


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